I was first referred to Ms. Jamie Carpenter by another attorney who was no longer working in family law. After our first consultation, I was confident that Ms. Carpenter was the perfect attorney to help me and my ex-wife resolve our impending divorce. Although this case was not contentious, there were still some legal hurdles that needed to be addressed. Ms. Carpenter was amazingly efficient yet completely thorough with everything. What I appreciated most about Ms. Carpenter during my divorce was the way she interacted with the other party (in this case my ex-wife). While remaining fiercely loyal to me and my interests, she was able to facilitate an amicable resolution quickly. Without Ms. Carpenter, my divorce could have become a financial and emotional nightmare. Thankfully, Jamie was able to resolve my case quickly so I could begin the long healing process.


In addition to working with Jamie on my divorce (unrelated to the case below), I was also fortunate to retain her services for a far more contentious and complex child custody battle. Jamie was the third attorney in almost three years to work on my case. Although some previous progress was made, I was still fighting an uphill battle to resolve a temporary order that significantly reduced the amount of parent-time I had with my daughter. Furthermore, I was running out of patience and money. Before Jamie could get started, she had to review a literal mountain of legal motions and court orders. Once Jamie became well acquainted with my case, she immediately went to work! For the first time in nearly three years, I felt like I had an advocate fighting for me. Jamie actually answered her phone and promptly responded to voice mails. Just as she did with my previous case, Jamie impressed me with how she was able to communicate with the opposition. A contentious court battle only se!

rves the interests of the lawyers, not you or your kids. Ultimately, Jamie helped me secure a joint-custody arrangement that dramatically increased my parent-time and substantially reduced my child support.

If you’re dealing with a complex and emotionally charged family law problem, I can assure you that you will not find a better attorney than Jamie Carpenter. Jamie has a razor sharp intellect, unwavering integrity and unparalleled legal skill. Most importantly, she is mindful of the human cost of family law. Jamie demonstrated empathy and compassion from start to finish.

I am forever grateful for what Jamie did for me and my family!

JL Salt Lake City